Music Mondays – MJ (In My Mind)

This piece is about a care-free time …

The north Berkeley foothills was a magical place to grow up.  Situated directly across from the Golden Gate, we enjoyed magnificent views from Berkeley’s iconic rocks & from a place very dear to my heart, Grizzly Peak.  Grizzly Peak – which was actually the name of my band (2002-2006) – is a very special place in the lives of all of us lucky enough to be raised on & beneath it … & all who venture to it cannot help but be overcome by its tremendous beauty.

Grizzly Peak is a legendary biker road that runs practically on the edge of civilization.  On one side lies Berkeley, Oakland & the greater Easy Bay, & the other holds the gateway to Tilden Regional Park – a vast natural landscape of wildlife, rolling golden hills, lush woods filled with seasonal blackberries, hanging vines that easily hold a less than 80lb. child, poison oak all year round, you get the picture.  This unique place made for a adolescence out of the movies overflowing with adventure, & Grizzly Peak is the narrow winding road, the thin divide that merges these two worlds.

Each time I’m back dog walking around with Moses Blue through the foothills of Berkeley – its great parks, giant rocks, oak trees, creeks, & weeds growing out of every crevice in the concrete – I’m always reminded of how fortunate I am.  Grizzly Peak & this incredible area held me dear in the very best & not so best of times.  It is without fail a best friend & with it I have always felt supported & been able to experience great peace.

MJ (In My Mind) is the 4th piece in our Music Monday collection.  It calls back to my early youth & is an homage to my home, the experiences & friendships, & the ethos that raised me.

Huge thank you to Julian Walter for contributing his photograph to go with this song.  Julian is an absolutely phenomenal artist/photographer.  I highly encourage visiting his website & looking into his outstanding inspiring work:

much love,

MJ (In My Mind) – Download

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